Saturday, June 15, 2013

Concrete Poem

Grha: no. 4

for William Carlos Williams




ed    redredr  re

dred     er er

we    erd       de

bar       bababararb

eel        eel    el

el red      weel

baa       rrel    rebelb

Paris, Madrid, London, Iowa City,

June, 1998 -  February 2001

Monday, June 10, 2013

Near The Littoral: An Interesting Fragment Discovered In My Junk Folder

the latrine
let the ladies
hear the facts 
in re 
the bleach.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Text Messages From Cold Mountain

I am outside.


I am on your porch, waiting.


While waiting outside your place
a gnat bit me on the lip and


My lip is visibly swollen.


I'll pick up six bagels and two
coffees. And an onion, lox.
We have cream cheese
in the icebox.


Now I am on the couch. The cat -- Joey --
is on my lap.


Now I am upstairs.


I was thinking about
your sweet box and ass
wanting both.


I wish my face was
your smart phone
and you were
sitting on it.


I'm in bed now too.
O lovely gash good night.


Author's Note: These are 'actual' texts messages sent using my Samsung TracFone.  (197.48 minutes remaining.)